Cross-Country Skiing Area Skidome Gothenburg in Västergötland: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Skidome Gothenburg

Trail Map Skidome Gothenburg
© Skidome Göteborg

The Cross-Country Area

In the Skidome there are only slight ascents.
In the Skidome there are only slight ascents. © Skidome Göteborg

In the Skidome in Gothenburg, cross-country skiing is possible all year round, as the temperature in the ski hall is about -4°C. The 1.2-kilometre-long track runs in intertwined loops and can be used for skating and in classic style.

Since the route is relatively flat and has only a few easy climbs, the Skidome is also suitable for beginners. If you still need support, you can book cross-country skiing lessons. These are offered for beginners and advanced skiers.

Cross-country skis, poles and ski boots for skating and classic cross-country skiing can be rented in the ski shop on site. The use of changing rooms and lockers as well as showers and sauna is included in the entrance fee.

Interesting facts

  • The highest point of the track is 82 ft above sea level.
  • Skidome Gothenburg features 204 sunny days on average per season. The average for all cross-Country Skiing Areas in Sweden is 72 sunny days. April is the sunniest month with an average of 29 sunny days. This makes the cross-Country skiing area one of the 1 sunniest in Sweden.


Skidome i Göteborg
Skidome i Göteborgs Nya Arena - ett varv med GoPro på skidan
SKIDOME Gothenburg

Getting Here

Equipment can be rented on site in the ski store.
Equipment can be rented on site in the ski store. © Skidome Göteborg

The Skidome is located in the Prioritet Serneke Arena in the north-east of the city of Gothenburg.

From Gothenburg Central Station, take tram 7 or 11 towards Bergsjön and get off at Kviberg (approx. 10 minutes ride). From there it is a five minute walk to the Arena.


Skidome Göteborg
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Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Weather (328 ft)


Elevation82 ft - 82 ft
SeasonJanuary - December
Opening DayJan 1, 2020
Closing DayDec 31, 2020
Skating 0.75 miles
Classic 0.75 miles
Lighted trails N/A

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 0.7 miles