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The Cross-Country Area

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The winter sport region surrounding the Upper Tyrolean Inn Valley villages of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis calls itself “Tyrol’s Ski Dimension”. The cropped high plateau with the longest average sunny hours in the country offers an almost complete guarantee of snow in the zone between 1,200 and 2,000 metres – and terrain that is eminently suited for cross-country skiing. Kilometres of trails connect the plateau’s villages, with easy to medium difficulty ascents and myriads of flat, but scenic stretches.
The majority of the runs are at just over 2,000 metres, where the renowned “champagne air” is already somewhat thinner and the magnificent views take the rest of your breath away. The exertion at this altitude is fully compensated by fabulous panorama views of the 3,000 metre peaks when you glide through forests and mountains in rhythmic skating mode. Ambitious skiers are catered for by the 22 km long trail in Fiss, which negotiates a good 500m difference in altitude, while the athletic discipline of ski skating is served in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis by 15,5 km of well prepared trails, roughened up to perfection. There are escorted tours for those intending to traverse the path between heaven and hell for the first time, and the regional ski schools instruct novices and children on their way to the heavenly pleasures of cross-country skiing. If you prefer, you can hire your equipment at favourable rates at the “Take-Off” and “Check-In” service centres in Serfaus as well as at local sports shops.

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Weather (6726 ft)


Elevation3937 ft - 6562 ft
Skating 9.57 miles
Classic 9.57 miles
Lighted trails 1.86 miles