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Cross-Country Skiing Pelvoux Vallouise

Pelvoux Vallouise
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Cross-Country Facts

Elevation3609 ft - 4265 ft
Opening DayDec 14, 2019
Closing DayMar 29, 2020
Skating 33.55 miles
Classic 33.55 miles
Lighted trails N/A
Number of Trails 14

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 33.6 miles

Interesting facts

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  • Offering 33.55 miles cross-country trails, Pelvoux Vallouise is among the 3 largest Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
  • The highest point of the track is 4265 ft above sea level.
  • Average snow depth during the season (Dec 14 to Mar 29) is 64 " at summit elevation and 27 " at base elevation. Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 73 " at summit elevation and 39 " at the base.
  • Pelvoux Vallouise features 77 sunny days on average per season. The average for all cross-Country Skiing Areas in France is 59 sunny days. January is the sunniest month with an average of 24 sunny days. This makes the cross-Country skiing area one of the 10 sunniest in France.

The Cross-Country Area

Station de Pelvoux-Vallouise
@Jan Novak Station de Pelvoux-Vallouise

Pays des Écrins - hautes-alpes

The ultimate outdoor nature activity, Nordic skiing is synonymous with well-being and fitness.

This activity is one of the best ways to discover the well-exposed Vallouise site and the surrounding area: 35 km of trails, suitable for all levels, classic- and, skating-style cross-country skiing, biathlon (a fun sport open to all, which combines cross-country skiing and laser or pellet rifle shooting).

The trails alongside the river mean you will be able to reach the villages of La Vallouise (Vallouise-Pelvoux and Les Vigneaux) by following the cross-country skiing routes.


Domaine Nordique de Puy-Saint-Vincent | 02:06


Bureau d'information de Vallouise
Place de l'église
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