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When it´s already spring everywhere else, you can still ski on perfectly groomed slopes in Obertauern: not only alpine skiers will find exactly what they´re looking for but also cross-country skiers such as Wolfgang Perner, bronze medal winner at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City: on the 10 km World Cup trail for advanced cross-country skiers or the 6 km Hundsfeld trail for more leisurely X-C skiing. Cross-Country Skiing Trails Hundsfeld skiing trail Length: 6 km This wonderful and sunny cross-country trail begins north of the famous high-altitude centre. The most beautiful part of this trail crosses the nature reserve of the Hundsfeld moor and ends with an exhilarating and fast downhill run towards the sports centre. A further entry point to this trail is behind the Lürzer Alm in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Leitner. World Cup skiing trail Length: 10 km The entry point to this beautiful 10 km trail prepared for the intermediate cross-country skier is at the base station of the Gamsleiten chairlift, oposite the post office. Gnadenalm skiing trail Length: 10 km www.gnadenalm.at The entry point is 4 km before Obertauern (coming from Radstadt). The Gnadenalm trail is one of the snow-reliable trails of the entire Alpen area. Twenger Au skiing trail This beautiful 23 km cross-country trail connects Tweng with Mauterndorf. The entries are at the "Franzenbauer" in Tweng, at the timber stockyard in Tweng, on the opposite of the "Purnbauer" in Tweng and at the bus stop "Maly". Taurach skiing trail This beautiful 13 km long cross-country trail connects Untertauern with Radstadt.

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Elevation4429 ft - 6070 ft
Skating 43.5 miles
Classic 43.5 miles
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