Cross-Country Skiing Area Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge in the Fichtelgebirge: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge

Ochsenkopf, Waldstein, Kronberg, Kösseine

Trail Map Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge

The Cross-Country Area

The Nordic Parc Fichtelgebirge has a lot to offer for enthusiastic cross-country skiers. On around 255 kilometres of cross-country trails you can discover the snow-covered winter landscape of the Fichtelgebirge in classic style or in skating technique. In the cross-country skiing areas BullheadKösseine-Luisenburg, Waldstein and Kronberg you have red, blue and black marked trails at your disposal. In the picture gallery you will find the cross-country skiing maps of the individual regions.

The first time you are on cross-country skis, you can take advantage of one of the various course offers at the Selb and Fleckl locations on Ochsenkopf. But not only for beginners courses are offered, also advanced students can fine-tune their skills here.

The Most Beautiful Tracks

The medium-difficulty lower ring track in the Ochsenkopf cross-country skiing area with 14.5 kilometres is the longest track in the cross-country skiing region. The Bergkopfrunde in the cross-country skiing area Kornbach-Waldstein-Epprechtstein with 13.7 kilometres is also one of the longest cross-country skiing trails in the Nordic Parc Fichtelgebirge.

For beginners, the Obere Ringloipe or the Brandweg Loipe are particularly suitable for first skating exercises or cross-country skiing attempts in the classic style. More experienced cross-country skiers can explore the snow-covered surroundings on the Lower Ring Trail or the Königskron Trail. The Brandweg trail extreme and the Königsheide trail are only suitable for the experts among cross-country skiers with classic or skating technique. A few cross-country trails are even illuminated until 9 pm.

Overview of the cross-country trails in the Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge:


  • Lower ring track: 14.5 km / marked red / classic and skating
  • Upper ring track: 6.1 km / marked blue / classic and skating
  • 3,6 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • Brandweg-Loipe: 2,0 km / marked blue / classic and skating

  • Brandweg-Loipe extreme: 1,8 km / black marked

  • Königsheide-Loipe: 11,1 km / marked black / classic and skating

  • Grünstein trail: 5.3 km / red marked / classic

  • Wagenthal trail: 8.7 km / marked red / classic

  • Königskron trail: 9.1 km / marked red / classic

  • Panorama trail Wülfersreuth: 5.0 km / marked blue / classic

  • Wülfersreuth track: 1.9 km / marked blue / classic

  • Panoramaloipe Bärnreuth: 3,2 km / blue marked / classic

Kösseine - Luisenburg

  • Kösseine Ringloipe: 7,0 km / red marked / classic
  • Kösseine East: 5,5 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • Doctoral meadow: 1.0 km / marked blue / classic

  • City forest: 5.7 km / marked blue / classic and skating

  • Wenderner Stein: 5,0 km / marked blue / classic and skating

  • Tröstau Zehner: 10,0 km / marked red / classic

  • Comfortable eighth: 8,0 km / marked red / classic

  • Tröstau foursome: 4,0 km / marked red / classic

  • Tröstau Skater: 8,0 km / marked red / skating

  • Practice track Tröstau: 1,5 km / marked blue / classic and skating


  • Kapf track: 4.5 km / marked blue / classic

  • Rödelberg cross-country ski trail: 5.9 km / marked blue / classic

  • Haidlas trail: 9.2 km / marked black / classic

  • Waldstein track: 10.3 km / red marked / classic

  • Cross-country skiing Zell: 5,7 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • High altitude trail: 4.3 km / red marked / classic

  • Mountain head round: 13,7 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • Epprechtstein round: 2,8 km / marked red / classic and skating


  • Kornbergring: 4,0 km / red marked / classic

  • Kornberg East: 4,2 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • Schönwalder Loipe: 7.7 km / marked red / classic and skating

  • Sunny track: 2,3 km / marked red / classic and skating

Interesting facts

  • Offering 139.19 miles cross-country trails, Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge is among the 3 largest Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Germany.
  • The high point of the cross-Country skiing area is located at an elevation of 3278 ft.
  • Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 12 " at summit elevation and 6 " at the base.

Dining along the Tracks

Near the cross-country ski runs you can eat at various inns from cross-country skiing.

Getting Here

The Nordic Park Fichtelgebirge is best reached from Hof, Berlin or Nuremberg via the A9 motorway. The most convenient way from Dresden is via the A70. From Weiden and Regensburg take the A93 towards Nordic Parc Fichtelgebirge.



Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Trail Conditions

Weather (3360 ft)


Elevation1302 ft - 3278 ft
Skating 67.73 miles
Classic 129.25 miles
Lighted trails 5.03 miles

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 139.2 miles