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Whether for fitness and training, or to recover and switch off – Ischgl’s slopes and skating routes manage to keep winter athletes busy away from the pistes, for days on end…

Cross-country skiing in Ischgl in Tyrol can mean many things: Peaceful circuits keeping a steady rhythm, gently gliding and breathing in the mountain air deeply and evenly. However, it can also mean a very special, calorie-incinerating endurance sport. No matter if you are doing some gentle or challenging cross-country skiing on one of the lovely slopes in Ischgl, one thing’s for sure - fitness and coordination are developed in equal measure, as are all the muscles in your body. And this is precisely how you can do your body a lot of good All the variants and routes for cross-country skiers through the wintry landscape of the Paznaun region range from between 1377 and 2036 metres altitude, some even extend into the neighbouring region of Vorarlberg. And of course in addition to the classic slope track, there is also a wider area for skating, the faster and more intense variant of cross-country skiing.

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Interesting facts

  • Offering 52.2 miles cross-country trails, Ischgl is among the 10 largest Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Austria.
  • The highest point of the track is 4547 ft above sea level.
  • Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 49 " at summit elevation and 20 " at the base.


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Weather (4518 ft)


Elevation4547 ft - 4547 ft
Skating 52.2 miles
Classic 52.2 miles
Lighted trails 1.55 miles