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Cross-Country Skiing Cross Country Center Zwieslerwaldhaus

Trail Map Cross Country Center Zwieslerwaldhaus

The Cross-Country Area

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The cross-country skiing area in the Zwieslerwaldhaus ski touring centre comprises 33 kilometres of groomed cross-country trails suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. The four classic cross-country trails have 30 kilometres and vary in difficulty from easy to medium/difficult.

In addition to these there is also a skating track of about 3 km for advanced cross-country skiers and a practice track for beginners on the meadow at Böhmweg. There is also a connection on the "green" track to the border crossing to the neighbouring Czech municipality of Zelezna Ruda, where there are another 70 kilometres of tracks available. There is also a feeder cross-country trail that leads over 2.5 kilometres from the "Deffernik" car park to the start and finish areas.

The Most Beautiful Tracks

  • Meadow at the Böhmweg: 1 km - easy - skating/classic
  • Skating track: 3 km - difficult - skating
  • Cross-country trail "yellow": 3 km - easy - classic
  • Track "red": 5 km - medium/difficult - classic
  • Cross-country ski run "blue": 9 km - medium - classic
  • Cross-country ski run "green": 13 km - medium - classic
  • Connecting track border crossing Ferdinandsthal: 2,5 km - medium - classic
  • Access cross-country trail "Deffernik" car park: 2.5 km - easy - classic

Interesting facts

  • The cross-Country skiing area takes you to an elevation of 2789 ft.

Getting Here

From Nuremberg you reach Zwieslerwaldshaus via the A3 to the B11 in Deggendorf. From there follow the B11/E53 to Waldhausstraße in Lindberg, which takes you directly to the village.

From Munich take the A92 to the B11 in Deggendorf and then follow the same directions as above.


Skiwanderzentrum Zwieslerwaldhaus
Zwieslerwaldhaus 22
Phone+49 (0)9925 / 297
Fax+49 (0)9925 / 903307


Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Weather (2740 ft)


Elevation2297 ft - 2789 ft
Skating 1.86 miles
Classic 18.64 miles
Lighted trails N/A

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 20.5 miles