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Cross-Country Skiing Arosa

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The Cross-Country Area

Located at altitudes above 1,600 meters, snow is guaranteed in Arosa.
Located at altitudes above 1,600 meters, snow is guaranteed in Arosa. © Switzerland Tourism / swiss-image.ch/Christof Sonderegger

Whether you're just getting started in the cross-country sport or an expert, ambitious or pleasure-seeking – Arosa offers guaranteed snow and the right trails for everyone. Both skaters and cross-country skiers will enjoy the large variety of different trail possibilities in the sunny resort of Arosa.

The sun trail (Sonnenloipe) presents the perfect opportunity to start the day in a relaxed way. The view of the Plessur mountains and the Sardona massif turns your time on the trail into a calming encounter with nature. It presents a welcome change to toady's fast everyday life.

More advanced cross-country skiers will enjoy the view from the sun or panorama trails and have fun skiing or skating. Beginners can find one of the Alps' most beautiful practice areas at the Maranermulde. With a view like this, who wouldn't fall in love with the sport? Your first steps will definitely be unforgettable.

Arosa is also a great spot for those training for competitions. The area at the end of the Schanfigg valley offers 30 kilometers (19 miles) of trail and a certain chance of snow, making it ideal to prepare for the Engadin ski marathon.

If you're looking to the explore the snowy valley by moonlight, head over to the Merano night trail. Twice a week until 9 pm, it offers the opportunity to discover the nightly landscape in all its beauty.

The Most Beautiful Tracks

The sun trail is three kilometers long and suitable for classic and skating techniques. It leads you from the Prätschalp trail to the “Uf Prätsch” high plateau, its highlight being the view of the Plessur mountains and the Sardona massif.

Advanced classic cross-country skiers will enjoy the Ochsenalp panorama trail. It offers a nice view of the Plessur mountain river which stretches across the Schanfigg valley. The way there and back is three kilometers each and is recommended for for cross-country skiers that have mastered the snowplow technique.

Those training for the Engadin ski marathon will find ideal conditions to do so at the red-marked Isel trail. The trail is seven-and-a-half kilometers long and groomed for classic as well as skating techniques. You will need to have mastered the one-sided snowplow to properly ski the trail.

Beside the practice area at the Maranermulde, the Isel's yellow-marked part of the trail is another great place for beginners with some basic skills. Once you've learned the one-sided snowplow, the five-kilometer trail is easily skiable for fans of classic and skating cross-country.

The Prätschalp trail is eight kilometers long and lets you make your way high up to the mountain hut restaurant. It is groomed for classic and skating cross-country skiers and recommended for those who have mastered the snowplow.

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Sonnenloipe Arosa
Winterzauber in Arosa

Dining along the Tracks

The Prätsch-Alp Beizli offers the opportunity to enjoy a meal at an altitude of 1,980 meters (6,500 feet). The Prätschalp trail leads you directly to the restaurant, where you can relax on the sun terrace or enjoy the cozy atmosphere on the inside. The Beizli also offers full moon fondue events. Make a reservation in advance and enjoy a moonlight dinner.

Located directly at the practice area Maranermulde, the Hof Maran is an original Walserstube from the 19th century. The place offers Swiss hospitality mixed with traditional dishes such as raclette and fondue.

During lunch and dinner hours, the Meraner Stube serves Alpine specialties and small snacks to replenish your energy in between cross-country sessions. The sun terrace lets you directly re-enter the trail.

A number of bars, restaurants and other hip places can be found in Arosa. They range from rustic and traditional to modern and international, so everyone will definitely find something to their individual taste.

Getting Here

The Arosa trail network is located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden south-east from Chur at the end of the Schanfigg valley. 

You can reach Chur by car via Route 3 and take the Arosastraße from there. A cross-country bus is available in the village. The bus transports trail pass holders to the trails free of charge. 

You can get to the Arosa train station by public transport via Chur train station. 


Arosa Tourismus
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Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Weather (6280 ft)


Elevation5282 ft - 6352 ft
Skating 14.42 miles
Classic 18.02 miles
Lighted trails 1.24 miles

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 18 miles