Cross-Country Skiing Area Albiez Montrond in Savoy: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Albiez Montrond

Trail Map Albiez Montrond

The Cross-Country Area

Albiez Montrod is a winter sports area with a view of the "Aiguilles d'Arves" mountain peaks. There are circular trails for cross-country skiing on site, but they are not marked. Since these trails are rolled but not groomed, they are better suited for skating. These trails are also used for snowshoeing, ski tours or winter walks. The trails are divided between the sectors in Albiez le Jeune, Mollard, Chef-Lieu and the Montrond plateau.

Interesting facts

  • The cross-Country skiing area takes you to an elevation of 4816 ft.


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Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Weather (4921 ft)


Elevation4816 ft - 4816 ft
Skating 12.43 miles
Classic 18.64 miles
Lighted trails N/A