map of all cross country ski areas in Bulgaria

Cross Country Skiing Weather Bulgaria

14 °F
23 °F
32 °F
41 °F
50 °F
59 °F
68 °F
77 °F
86 °F
95 °F
104 °F
South West and South Central Bulgaria
1640 ft: up to 61 °F
3281 ft: up to 57 °F
6562 ft: up to 41 °F
In the north, scattered showers are expected to give way to some clouds in the noon. The forenoon is mostly cloudy, refreshed with some occasional rain in the night. Today's weather in the south is marked by some rain every now and then, reaching temperatures of about 63 °F. In the course of the day, the weather in the east will stay drizzly, reaching a high near 63 °F. In the west, forecasters are predicting sunshine in the morning with a chance of rain in the noon. The weather will be cloudy with a small amount of rain in the midday. In the evening, clouds and light rain will break and give way to some sunshine. A light northwest breeze brings along balmy temperatures.
62 °F
64 °F
72 °F
77 °F
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