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Webcams Flachau

Freestyle Area Powderberg
Elevation: 1376 m
View of freestyle area Powderberg in Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl
temporarily unavailable
Shuttleberg, Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl
Elevation: 1313 m
View of freestyle area Shuttleberg in Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl
temporarily unavailable
Panoramic view from the Arnoldgut in Altenmarkt
Elevation: 840 m
Arnoldgut in Altenmarkt im Pongau
33 minutes ago
Hotel Schartner in Altenmarkt
Elevation: 846 m
View from the Hotel Schartner
44 minutes ago
mountain restaurant Reitlehen Alm
Elevation: 1242 m
Monte Popolo with view at Zauchensee, Flachau and Wagrain
43 minutes ago
Absolut Park Flachauwinkl
Elevation: 1791 m
view at the last section of Absolut Park
temporarily unavailable
Flachau, village centre
Elevation: 896 m
View at Flachau village centre
32 minutes ago
Childrens' area "Wagraini's Winterwelt"
Elevation: 1173 m
Ski resort Wagrain with a nice view of the childrens' area "Wagraini's Winterwelt"
28 minutes ago
Wagrain - Grießenkareck
Elevation: 1845 m
View of Grießenkareck - Flying Mozart II
9 minutes ago
Kehmadhöhe at Radstadt Altenmarkt
Elevation: 1542 m
Panorama at the Kehmadhöhe in Radstadt Altenmarkt
40 minutes ago
View to the church of Altenmarkt
Elevation: 846 m
This webcams shows the church of Altenmarkt
56 minutes ago
base station Popolo 2
Elevation: 1214 m
View to base station Popolo 2
35 minutes ago
Star Jet hotel
Elevation: 925 m
View of the ski run from the Star Jet hotel
56 minutes ago
Base station starjet 1
Elevation: 927 m
Outlook at the base station of starjet 1 (snow space Flachau).
29 minutes ago
Top station starjet 3
Elevation: 1860 m
Outlook at top station of starjet 3.
29 minutes ago
View from ´Berggasthof Habersattgut´ down to the ´Ennstal´ (Enns valley)
Elevation: 1115 m
View from ´Berggasthof Habersattgut´ down to the ´Ennstal´ (Enns valley). To the right you can see ´Grießenkar´ near Flachau, the center of...
54 minutes ago
Oberes Ennstal with Altenmarkt
Elevation: 1115 m
View of mountain inn Habersattgut on the valley ground of the upper Enns valley with Altenmarkt.
55 minutes ago
base station spacejet 1
Elevation: 891 m
View of base station of spacejet 1 over the town of Flachau
33 minutes ago
Top station 'Achter Jet'
Elevation: 1600 m
Outlook of the top station of Achter Jet over the ski resort
34 minutes ago
Sinnhub farm Strimskogel
Elevation: 858 m
View from the 'Sinnhub'- farm across the 'Enns'- river, Altenmarkt and 'Strimskogel' mountain.
temporarily unavailable
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Snow & Weather Report

Upper 1887 m
Lower 927 m
max 9 °C

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“Snow Space Flachau” is one of the best family and novice ski resorts in the “Ski Amadé”. The 17 easy and intermediate slopes which are not very difficult in general guarantee families and...
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